Will My Child Hate Me If They Find Out I Gave Them Away?

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Choosing adoption is “giving your baby away,” but have you considered that you are giving them the opportunity to have the life you want for them? Sometimes choosing to parent may not be an option for expectant mothers. Adoption is not giving up; it is a choice you make for the baby and for yourself. Even though it’s an excellent option, choosing adoption is not always an easy decision. You may be worried about what others will think of you. It is super-duper important to remember that choosing adoption is not about other people. It is about you and your baby. There are so many beautiful stories about women who chose adoption and their experience through the process!

Adoption Is Not a Journey the Birth Mother Takes Alone

Once you have chosen adoption, you can contact licensed adoption agencies or attorneys and determine which one you ultimately work with. You will create an adoption plan which includes the adoption type and hospital stay details among other things. You will typically sign the legal documents to relinquish parental rights after the birth, but this can vary. Signing these documents is not the final step, though! If you have chosen open or semi-open adoption you will be able to maintain a relationship with the baby as they grow up. There are also many adoption resources available to you, including support groups and counseling.

Adoption Is A Whole Health Option

In cases of unintended pregnancy, the birth mother may not be able to choose to parent. Adoption may be the best option at the time because of your current living situation, schooling journey, or job. When you choose adoption, you are making a brave decision. You are considering your health and future as well as your baby’s. You can focus on your mental health and pursue the many resources available to birth mothers. There are even ways to connect with other birth mothers and share your stories. BRAVELOVE offers ways to connect with others in similar situations. There is a special page on their website for women going though similar journeys! Christian Adoption Services right here in North Carolina also offers ways to connect should you choose to work with them.

When you choose adoption for your baby, you get to create an adoption plan and decide how the process will go. As the birth mother, you are at the center of the adoption plan and can even choose the adoptive family. Additionally, you will decide the amount of contact you desire to have with your baby and his or her adoptive family. The type of adoption chosen will determine the parameters of your relationship with your baby as they grow up. You can choose an open, semi-open, or closed adoptions, with open adoption being the most common and interactive type. Open adoptions mean that the birth mother will be able to contact the adoptive family and sometimes even visit the baby. In cases of adoption through foster care the biological mother or father does not typically get to choose the family the baby ends up with.

When you choose adoption, you are showing courage, grace, and selflessness! Adoption is the life affirming option because it offers the opportunity of a safe and healthy life for you and the baby. Adoption can give you peace of mind knowing that your baby is living with the loving adoptive family you chose. Your commitment to adoption does not make you weak, it makes you brave, and we love that for you!

Author: Meredith Clark

I love helping others and affirming life is super important to me. I have 6 siblings and an amazing mum and dad who homeschooled us all! I like to hike and kayak and spend time with my maltipoo Murphy.