Our Belief

J.R.R. Tolkien once said, “Where there is life, there is hope.” We believe each person holds an immeasurable amount of hope for the world. But we must make that hope visible for women to gain the courage to choose that hope, that life.

Our Vision

We see the uniqueness each, and every person holds. Everyone has their gifts, talents, attributes, and goodness they contribute to the world. Our vision is to see as many of these great potentials realized as possible. This means showing women facing unplanned pregnancies that they are brave, capable, and strong while providing them a glimpse of the joy they carry within them.

We see a lit path guiding women and families toward life, happiness, and promise. Together we hold the lanterns that light this journey; together, we have the potential to set the world ablaze when standing up for life.

How We Live Out Our Mission

We look for both large and small ways to guide women and young families on their journey toward choosing life, and it usually begins with something as simple as a smile.

We are sincere in our support and care; we want women to live meaningful lives without regret while making healthy decisions. That means we have to begin with support, encouragement, and compassion. We express our care and support through a warm smile, a reassuring touch, and an inviting environment.

Later, we furnish our clients with essential services for their health and safety and provide them with the insight they need. Our free services include the following:

  • Qualified Medical Services
  • Reliable STD Information
  • Necessary Education
  • Resources and Supplies
  • Referrals for Services and Resources
  • Peer Counseling and One-on-One Sessions
  • Relationship Reality Classes
  • Post-Abortion Healing and Support

Our Hope

By providing essential services and supportive care, we wish to be the flicker of hope each woman contemplating abortion sees. We want to give her courage in a welcoming, judgment-free environment, supporting her to understand she is not alone.