What are they doing now?!

Have you ever wondered just how our girls, the mommies that come to our center, are doing? Well, we would like you to meet two of them! We interviewed two of our New Bern clients who have attended our Center the longest. The ladies, Victoria and Jazmine, are two great moms with full blown schedules and didn’t mind letting our audience in on what they’re doing now…


EPIC: When did you start coming to the center?

Client: When I was pregnant with Alana (her 1+ year old daughter, back in August of 2015)

 EPIC: Oh, we have GOBBS of records! You and Pickles were our first Instagram post!

Client: [Nods and smiles]

EPIC: How has the center helped you?

Client: It’s helped me be a better parent. I learned a lot of stuff by coming here, things I wouldn’t have thought of really—I mean, I had no idea… and I got to come talk about babies and get out of the house. I got to be around other moms going through the same things [as me]. All the babies are here! Last week was crazy. I love going where all the babies are.

EPIC: And what are you doing now?

Client: I’m a full time student (taking Criminal Justice at Craven) AND a full time mom of TWO babies, I have a 20 pound 6 month old [laughs].

EPIC: and you have a whole fiancé! That’s something [smiles, looks at client & raises eyebrows]

Client:  Oh yeah, that can be a lot of work too.

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baby loves class too!

baby number two!



EPIC: When did you start coming to the center?

Client: Around October of last year (2016). I was very pregnant.

EPIC: Yes! Your classmates were fun and CRAZY! We miss them. So, how has the Center helped you?

Client: I agree with Victoria, basically coming here has helped me parent my daughter better;  and I realized that I’m not alone—or the only one dealing with the things I’m going through. At home I’m thinking, “no one else goes through this [the struggles of raising your child alone], then I come here and I’m like… Oh wait…” [Laughter]

EPIC: [laughter] What are you doing now?

Client: I’m going to school—full time—working towards getting my Natural Science degree. I’d like to work in astronomy. I’m working and taking care of a 7 month old—BY MY SELF [laughs].

EPIC: Nooo! You’re working on co-parenting…

Client: [gives me a ‘side eye’] Oh! I also go to church!

  • Babies first visit to the center

Babies first visit to the center

Class participation!

Babies first few weeks!

Babies first visit to the center