How To Know If Adoption Is Right For You


As an expectant parent asking yourself these things can help you evaluate what the best option is for you and the baby. As an expectant parent you have a lot to think about.  Pregnancy can be scary enough without thinking about how you will care for a baby. You have a lot of questions. You have some concerns. That is okay! There are answers to your questions and resources to address your concerns. One option that can benefit you and the baby is adoption.

Is Adoption Right For Me?

Adoption is your choice and you have options when it comes to how the process will go. You can choose the adoptive family and amount of contact you have with them and the baby. You can choose how your hospital and birth experience goes when comes to whether or not you want to share that experience with the adoptive parents you choose for your baby. This is known as infant adoption.

There are three types of adoption: Open, semi-open, and closed

Open adoptions allow the baby to grow up knowing who you are. This allows you to maintain a connection with the baby as they grow up. You will be able to choose and meet the adoptive family. You will receive updates from them after the baby’s placement in their home. You can choose how you wish to receive updates, whether it is a telephone call, video call, text, picture, or letter. In some cases you can even visit them in person. You can also contact the family directly.

Semi-open adoption gives you the choice to limit your contact with the baby you’ve placed with the adoptive family of your choosing. You will receive updates from them after the baby’s placement in their home, but your correspondence with them will most likely be though the adoption agency and you will not be able to contact the family you choose directly until the child becomes of age to reach out to you on their own. However, all of these parameters are drawn up in accordance with your desires.

Closed adoption means your information is kept private. All contact between you and the family you choose will be through the adoption agency or an attorney. You will not receive updates.

You will usually not sign the termination of parental rights documents until after the birth. Sometimes you must wait a few days before signing depending on state regulations. Signing these documents transfers the physical care and legal custody to the chosen adoptive family.

You are in control!

Adoption plans outline how you want the process to go. You will work with an advisor to come up with the adoption plan that best suits you. You will choose the qualities you want for the adoptive family, the type of adoption, and even how the hospital experience will be. You can browse a list of families waiting to adopt to find the family that best fits your preferences. You can determine the amount of contact you have with the adoptive family and your biological child. You can choose how much time you spend with the child after birth and even name them if you want to.  Basically, the adoption plan reinforces that this is your choice. It insures that you have the ability to offer input though the adoption process.

Only you can make the decision whether or not adoption is right for you. When considering adoption understanding your options is important. Ask questions, voice your concerns, choose what is best for you!

As a person looking to adopt asking yourself these things can help you evaluate whether adoption is the best choice for you and your family.

Adoption domestically costs $10,000-$50,000 and takes 1-2 years to complete. State regulations vary from state to state regarding who you can work with to adopt a child. Most of your correspondence will be though an adoption agency. An attorney can be utilized to handle legal issues. Qualifications to adopt can vary. There may be qualifications regarding marital status, age, and health, among others. The extent of contact you have with the birth parents also depends on the type of adoption, whether it is open, semi-open, or closed. As an adoptive parent you may field questions from your peers or adopted child about their adoption. You may explain the adoption to your child early in order to normalize the conversation, and this is what the adoption agencies that we have relationships with advise.

Adoption can be an option for couples struggling with medical issues or infertility, with infertility affecting about 1 in 8 American couples. Some couples are simply called to adoption and are looking to grow their family. No matter what the reason, adoption can be a blessing for all parties involved.


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Author: Meredith Clark

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