From Our Executive Director’s Desk


This note was difficult for me to write. I rarely write about myself but I have to tell you how GREAT our GOD is!! Early February I suffered multiple strokes and was hospitalized from Feb 12-14. The first doctor to walk in my room said, “You look better than what I was expecting after looking at your MRI.” “What does that mean?” I asked. “That’s a good thing,” she replied. She proceeded to tell me I shouldn’t be talking and making good sense or able to walk around, let alone be sitting on the side of the bed! She was amazed. I smiled and said, “You don’t know who I know. I’ve met the Master and He heard me when I cried out to Him.” She just shook her head. Doctor after doctor kept coming into my room repeating the same thing, “There’s no way.” I kept saying there is ONE way—The Way!

For about 2 months I could only see shapes and shadows which had an effect on my walking. Today I’m sure-footed and clear-sighted with the aid of my new glasses! While progressing in my recovery, I had a setback in May. I contracted shingles and had to quarantine. The virus infected my left eye and I’ll have some scarring, but you know what? Scars remind us of where we’ve been, and I’ve been in the care of our loving Father. The medical professionals I saw kept saying, “There’s no way, there’s just no way…” Yet here I am as living proof God is still in the miracle working business TODAY! I promised God that if He brings me out of this I will share what He’s done, and true to my word I’ve done just that, but it’s not easy. Please continue to keep me in your prayers, because there is great work to be done in and through the EPIC Center. God is not finished with me yet!

As I always like to mention, just in case we have any newcomers to our blog, let me share with you what we do at the EPIC Center. We provide free pregnancy testing and ultrasound, the most powerful tool in empowering women to choose life, and an earn while you learn program we call Partnering in Parenting and Prenatal Education (PPPE). With our PPPE Program we help women become strong, emotionally healthy parents. We also strive to engage with fathers, so he too is provided with the same support and care from other great fathers in our community. We could not minister to the needs of these families with out you! To all our donors and supporter, thank you!

Lastly, if you are not able to join us for any of our fundraising events this year (our Run Baby Run 5K or our October Cornhole Tournament), will you consider making a donation today? Thanks in advance for your kindness and consideration. Your support helps us empower women to turn from being pro-abortion to pro-abundant life!