Virtual Baby Bottle Campaign

November 28, 2023

7:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Your generosity is a BIG deal!

It’s Giving Tuesday!

If you didn’t get a chance to join us for any of our signature fundraisers this year, we invite you and your family to participate in our county-wide virtual baby bottle campaign! Right here at the end of the year Americans across the country take the time to be generous to a neighbor or two and our community-wide Baby bottle campaign will give you an opportunity to do just that. The campaign begins on November 28th, and ends on Christmas Day! Of course we offer our baby bottle campaign all year long, but this is an opportunity for everyone whose church or business did not get a chance to participate in a baby bottle campaign during the year to participate in one with your neighbors and friends as a community.

Here’s How It Works

Step 1: Determine how much money you’d like to fill our virtual baby bottle with. The average amount we get in our regular size baby bottles is $11 – $25.00.

Step 2: Donate your predetermined amount online, and that’s it!

We’re filling stockings, hearts, and baby bottles again this year! All proceeds go toward helping mothers see that the child they carry is a precious life worthy of an opportunity to live. The generosity of the good people in this community have enabled the  EPIC Center to:

  • Provide ultrasound imaging for young ladies considering abortion
  • Provide volunteers who facilitate parenting and prenatal classes, listen, love on, and offer support to young mothers and fathers in our community
  • Save unborn baby lives and help mothers heal from the trauma an abortion experience may cause

This is hero work!  Individuals like you have actually made it possible for an overwhelmed woman, who often can’t see past her current crisis of being pregnant, to choose a life-affirming option for her child instead of choosing to end her child’s life. Well done! Many of you are that good and faithful servant.

Let’s continue this hero work together. Tap the button below to make your gift today.