Create A “Care-Connection”


 For Making Life Disciples

The Church Is The Place To Go!

Here at the New Bern and Kinston centers we see women–different ages, different backgrounds, different stages in life. They come in, get help, love, and support–and they leave. We would love to change that last bit to: –and they join a church! Our prayer and vision is that our clients would be placed in the arms of a loving church body during the time they are with us in the centers. What we’re striving to do is to establish discipleship between our client and a willing vessel in your church.

As alluded to previously, part of our vision includes  making life disciples of Jesus Christ. However, we can not do this alone. As a matter of fact, we really aren’t equipped with what is truly needed to accomplish this at all. WE NEED THE CHURCHES. The church, as you may know, is the place for long-term and even life-long discipleship. We know that if our clients are to truly be healthy, body-of-Christ membership is vital. If you believe you or any of your congregants would be willing to become a L.I.F.E. Mentor to one of our girls or if you have any questions please give your local center a call.

Add your name to our Care-Connection Card! We need people of God to help us lead the next generation straight to Him. It’s the call on all our lives–to know Him, and make Him Known. Contact us today for more information!