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2022 Race Recognition

We’d like to thank all of our wonderful Run Baby Run 5K race sponsors for their willingness to support our run and 1 mile Walk for Life this year! They were 902 Church, Spence’s Welding, The Ruby S. Griffin Family, Ron Ayers Motorsports, Grace Fellowship Church, and Kinston First Pentecostal Holiness Church. We invite you to express your gratitude for their sponsor-ship by patronizing, promoting, and/or attending these pro-love-of-LIFE organizations!

Title Sponsor Recognition

As always we are honored to have the valuable support of our local community! To our Title Sponsors we appreciate your willingness to be our largest benefactors for this event. Your monetary care provides women and men in our community with mental and emotional tools for parenting and the medical services needed  for mothers who are undecided about whether or not to keep their babies. We could not do what we do without you!
Special Thank Yous!

To the Kinston Police Department, Mr. Chase Deane and Lisa Lowery, to the all the volunteers from 902 Church and our very own Nurse Tara’s Community Life Group from Brice’s Creek Bible Church, not to mention several of our very own board members and volunteers–We thank you!!! We thank you for your time and effort in helping us pull off yet another successful Run Baby Run 5K. Your presence was indispensable and you made it fun. Again, THANK YOU!

Thank You Racers & Walkers!

A Note From Our Executive Director…

Not only do we provide ultrasound, which is nearly the most powerful tool in empowering women to choose life, we also help women become strong, healthy parents. To achieve this as a faith-based center we provide biblical parental education & peer counseling support. We also strive to engage with the father of that child, so he too is provided with the same support and care from other great fathers in our community. If you are unable to attend any of our fundraising events, will you consider making a donation today? Thanks in advance for your kindness and consideration. Your support helps us empower women to turn from being pro-abortion to pro-abundant life!